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Whether you are facing a criminal charge of DUI or a family law issue involving child custody or divorce, you are going to need help. John L. White has the experience you need in your time of need.

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An Experienced Mobile Attorney

30 Years Of Experience Working For The People Of Alabama

Legal matters can often be unsettling. Criminal problems? Could you go to jail? Injured in a car accident or on the job? How will you pay your medical bills if you are unable to work and earn a living? Have family law issues, like a divorce or dispute involving child custody or visitation?

Our law firm, John L. White, Attorney at Law, understands your fears and concerns. Our lawyer has been helping individuals in the Baldwin County and the Mobile area for more than 30 years. We know how foreign the legal landscape can be and we work hard to help you work through your legal issues.

We Handle Criminal And Family Law Issues

We have worked in this part of Alabama for more than 30 years and we are part of the community. Our attorney understands how to make the law and its rules and procedures understandable to our clients. This allows you to know where your case is heading. This ensures that there are no surprises and that you can make meaningful decisions with respect to your legal matter and its outcome.

Our firm handles a variety of legal issues for our clients, including:

  • Criminal defense
  • Family law
  • Personal injury
  • Workplace injuries

We Help You Resolve Your Criminal Charges

Any criminal charge in Alabama is serious. The repercussions from a DUI, a drug charge, an assault, a charge related to domestic violence, a shoplifting arrest or any other criminal charge may leave you unable to drive, facing a restraining order, or in the most severe case, locked behind bars.

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